Westwind Community Barn is having a Halloween Horse Show. Usually it is on a Sunday. This year, the show is on a Saturday. I asked the girls; Shana, Sophia, Sara, Jackie and Savannah; if they wanted to go. Savannah already has plans for how she is going to dress Freedom up as a pumpkin. Shana said, “We should make them all super hero themed! Jackson can be Batman and Cowgirl can be Robin!” Sophia said, “No, Jackson should be the Batmobile and I’ll be batman.” I told her that making a horse into a car was a problem, but that maybe she should be Catwoman. Sara said, “I’m going to paint Stoney red and have him go as the devil.”

Along with entering the costume class, both Sara and Savannah want to participate in the show show. Saturday was a warm day. While Shana and Sophia bathed Velvet, Savannah coached Sara on what she needs to know and do for a horse show. Jackie practiced taking Jackson over trot poles. Sara prefers to ride Chavali, but she has, wisely, decided to ride Stoney in the show. I’m really, really glad Savannah is coaching Sara because I know next to nothing about riding in a show.

After Velvet was washed, she had to be tied in the shade so she would dry. Jackie had to leave because she had softball games later in the afternoon so Sophia took over riding Jackson. Shana set up jumps for Chavali. Savannah set to work using driving reins on first Cowgirl, then Jackson and lastly Freedom. Cowgirl spent all this time taking a nap in the middle of the arena.

The plan for the day, as it now almost always is on Saturday’s, was to ride home via Clark’s field. I could not get anyone to show up to help us get the horses home, which left Savannah ponying Chavali and Cowgirl trotting along footloose and fancy free. Sara has taken it upon herself to keep CG in line by riding behind her on Stoney and carrying one of the longer dressage whips. Before we headed out, Sophia asked why we never rode around the backside of the baseball fields, where there is a fairly nice trail. I said it was because there were usually baseball games on or we were pressed for time, but today it would be fine. Fine except for the fact that there are gates to the field on the backside that were left open. This did not go unnoticed by Cowgirl who came oh so close to making a dash for it. I’m positive she’s planning for next time.

Cowgirl is becoming an expert at traveling along with the herd but without a rider. She made it through Clark’s field and back to the barn without any input from me.

Shana got picked up at the Gardner Bullis parking lot. Sophia had to run right off when we got back to Campo. That left just Savannah and Sara at the barn. They were still talking about what they needed to do for the show. At one point Savannah says, “What! are we going to do about Stoney’s mane!” He’s the only horse who’s appearance is not improved by having his raggedy little mane braided. Both girls looked at him and frowned. I said, “we need to roach his mane.” Looking at Sara, I added, “This is where you give the horse a buzz cut. In the western world it’s called ‘hogging’ the mane.” They liked this idea very much. It may not improve his appearance all that much, but it will meet show requirements. Although, I’m willing to bet that the red devil paint won’t entirely wash off, leaving him a pink horse with a buzz cut for the show.

I am definitely looking forward to a month after when he will be sporting a mohawk.

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