Fall Weather

It’s time to change the sunscreen for the sweaters and the sun hat for the knit cap. By the calendar, fall is another nine days away. For those of us who work outside, fall started today.

Making our way home from the arena, the cool evening air has stilled the dust and left Los Altos HIlls smelling like chaparral and sage and ground up eucalyptus (the elimination of this weedy tree being a constant project in the hills).

As a crescent moon rises above the hills, highbeams from a Lexus hit Stoney’s rump. There is no longer time enough in the day to get all the horse chores done before dark. Not for the last time this month will we get caught out as the sun goes down and, as always, I was most relieved that Stoney is an almost white horse that shows up nicely in the headlights.

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