There is a wash rack at the arena. I have no idea why. Anybody who would ever prep for a show at the arena would do so at home, should there ever be a show at that arena, which there probably never will be because there is no trailer parking, much less enough space for more than half a dozen horses. Would somebody ride their horse half an hour to the arena, untack, bath the horse, sit around and wait till it dries, then tack up and head back home when they can just pull the hose out at their house? It makes no sense.
Haley is undeterred by sense. She’s thrilled about the wash rack. What specifically the girls/young women are interested in seems to change from year to year. At one point all Haley wanted to do was trail, then it was vet work, then it was a show. Lately, it seems, all Haley (age fifteen) is interested in is using that wash rack.
Last week Haley washed Stoney (who needed it because Katelyn and Sammy had painted orange and purple squares on to him). Last Saturday, she washed Dante (the German Shepherd). This bathing business is time consuming. When she bathes an animal, she doesn’t ride. It’s all she does when she comes to the arena.
Today she gave Cowgirl a bath. When she was done, Cowgirl was smooth and soft and silky and Haley was most satisfied by her days work with the horses. Now if I could only get her to clean a little of the tack!

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