General Seed and Feed

“Do you want a show helmet?” Jana held up the immaculate, high priced, velvet covered brain bucket. It was on sale; Jana has my limitations in mind. I do, however, have the velveteen cap cover that you pull over your workaday helmet necessary to meet, just barely, showing requirements and didn’t want to spend $150, on sale, on anything.
Not that there weren’t lots of other tempting horsey items to buy. Jana had finally managed to drag me over the hill to General Seed and Feed (or is it Feed and Seed?) in Santa Cruz. In her opinion, I needed to see a truly well stocked tack store. Certainly, when it comes to horses, we, on the Peninsula, are but paupers relative to the more spacious areas of California.
A show helmet does not tempt me the way it tempts Jana. The thought of having to keep expensive clothing (hunt coats, breeches, tall boots) clean around horses, much less keeping the horses clean, always puts my in a panic. Not so Jana. She loves the idea. In fact, she spent the two hours before our trip to the tack store outlining all the reasonable upcoming summer shows.
“Now there’s the dressage show in San Juan Buatista. They’re a very relaxed chapter of the CDS, so we should be OK, but that will be expensive. The Springdown show would be fine, but they [the horsegirls] won’t place. They don’t like Arabs so the All Breed Show in Gilroy would be better. But if you want a real show, you will want to go to Fox n’ Horn in August.” Besides having a funny name, Fox n’ Horn would mean being in Watsonville at 8am on a Sunday morning and again the girls wouldn’t place because they would be up against “$20,000 warmbloods”.
The thought of horse shows actually makes me cry. But then I think of the sparkle in Jana’s eye. Jana is in her thirties and one of the most knowledgeable horsewomen I know. She is also willing to coach us for a couple of months and ferry us through the show. So, even though the place makes my skin crawl, it’s going to be Springdown in September. After all, Jana is a horsegirls too.

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