girl scouts

Today’s episode at the arena involved a contingent of girl scouts. Two of the scouts, Claire and Shana, ride my ponies regularly. The scouts each brought a three by five card with a singular horse related question. I had Shana and Claire answer the questions. One question was, “Is horse care daily, weekly or monthly?” Shana doubled up with laughter and then said, adamantly, “Horse care is hourly!” She continued with, “You have to pick six hooves every time you ride. You have to feed them and pick up the poop. You have to brush them AND you have to pick ticks out of their hair!”
Shana spent the next forty-five minutes dragging the horses around the arena with her friends on their backs, enthusiastically haranguing them about what they should and shouldn’t do on horseback. I don’t know if the scouts had fun, but I know that Shana did.

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